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Info on Rules/policies

AMHA referee policy’s coming soon

MMHL Referee Rules


For all games, it will be the duty of the home team to provide all on ice and office officials, all of whom shall be on hand by game time. The home team is responsible for paying the referee and linesmen.


Novice, Atom, PeeWee, Bantam and Midget will be played with a three-man system.  

The home team will arrange for a neutral referee for all playoff games for all divisions in the MMHL. The two teams involved must approve any home referee at the beginning of the series if they are used for any playoff games.


Referees must be registered with the SHA and must be at least two hockey groups above the age of the players. Teams and team officials will be expected to properly respect game officials, who will in turn, strictly and fairly enforce the rules of the game.

For playoffs

Refs will only be assigned for the final.

If you request neutral officials all mileage will be paid by the requesting team.

All Games are to be 2-1 minimum or 2-2

SEMHL Referee Rules

Sanctioned referees are required.

The home club is to supply the referee and two linesmen. Visitors have the right to supply a linesman and should do so whenever possible (72 hours notice must be given). Referees must be: a minimum of 13 years old to referee the Atom Division; a minimum of 14 years old to referee the PeeWee Division; and a minimum of 16 years old to referee the Bantam Division. It is recommended that the referee be one full age division older than the Division he/she is refereeing.

The two-man system of officiating will be allowed in all Divisions. Both officials must be: a minimum of 13 years old for Atom; a minimum of 14 years old for PeeWee; and a minimum of 16 years old for Bantam.

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A neutral referee may be hired for the 1 and 2 playoffs if 72 hours notification is given to

the SEMHL Executive. The team requesting the referee must pay all the expenses involved.